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Introducing audiences to the magic of the Val d’Orcia,
and sharing unforgettable 
experiences by way of the Incontri,
has been one of the greatest rewards and privileges of my life.

Antonio Lysy,
Festival Director and Founder

There are many excellent music festivals in the world, but I find that those that are truly successful and long lasting have their own clear identity. Incontri in Terra di Siena is one of these. The connection that Incontri has with the surrounding land is incredibly strong. However, the unique history and the eclectic mix of people that have made it what it is, go well beyond Italy as a country,

and this is what I find special. 

Alessio Bax, 
Artistic Director
Board of Directors


Antonio Lysy, President

Michael P. Bertrando, Vice President

Theresa Chaides, Secretary/Treasurer

Nancy Bertrando

Suzanne Deal Booth

Michael Cioffi

AMB Robert Gosende

Katia Lysy

Margaret Lysy

Benedetta Origo

Bruno Santonocito

AMB Urs Ziswiler

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